New Covenant Construction LLC -

Cameron Slack
Operations Manager

I am Local.
I am Devoted.
I am Trustworthy.

After studying Business at Angelo State University, I began my journey as a roofing contractor in 2012. As a contractor I was able to see the challenges that both construction companies and homeowners face, and my goal has been to provide solutions to make the construction process as seamless and stress free as possible. I moved around to a few companies through the years but every company seemed to have the same problems and I never felt comfortable staking my reputation on them.

New Covenant Construction is a truly unique company in the sea of Roofing Contractors that is Dallas-Fort Worth. We have focused our attention on providing the highest quality service possible, and giving your project our complete attention to ensure that we exceed your expectations. While we don’t drive raised pickup trucks with brightly colored vinyl wraps, we are the best at what we do, which is provide exceptional roofing solutions to your construction needs.

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