New Covenant Construction LLC -

Preston Gohlke
Managing Partner

I am Local.
I am Devoted.
I am Trustworthy.

Hi! Fun fact about me. My friends often tell me that I over use satire. That may hold some truth but it doesn’t paint a full picture of who I am. What I really love is helping other people and building things. These “things” could be actually constructing material things, building up people, building my family or building my relationship with God. Because of my desire to help I have devoted myself to public service. I am a full time, career Fire Fighter/Paramedic here in North Texas. I started in Fire/EMS around 2007. I am also currently serving as a member in the Air Force Reserves. I originally joined the military in 2002.

Two things I am truly grateful for. First is my amazing wife Laura, and two children, Wyatt and Adalyn. Laura really keeps me focused and is such a wonderful, dedicated mother. The second is all of the amazing mentors, including my parents who I did not realize were so wise until I became an adult, in my life that I have been blessed with over the years.  They have helped to open my eyes and see the distinct talents and abilities that God has blessed me with, which in turn I can use to help those with my sphere of influence.

My major goals include following Christ, leading and raising a Christ centered family and having a positive influence on those around me. I look to find those around me that I have the means and capability to help and strive to have a distinct impact on their life.

If you have read this far and are not sure how this may apply to you or your roofing needs let me just say this. I am honest, loyal and dependable. I put integrity first and aim for consistency, believing that it is a hallmark of great leaders.

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