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Who looks forward to having to contact, coordinate and manage multiple contractors for your home repairs? To make it worse many home owners have limited construction knowledge and some contractors use this to their advantage. Your risk goes up with each contractor you let into your home. Not to worry, your Local, Devoted and Trustworthy team is here to help. Our construction skills extend beyond roofing. Large or small, our craftsmen will bring your project to life.

Although the majority of our work revolves around residential roofing and roof repair, our skilled team of tradesmen includes more than just expert roofing installers. We also provide quality services for several other interior and exterior general construction fields.

Some of the major areas we focus on include:

  • Windows and Siding
  • Fascia and Trim
  • Interior and Exterior Paint
  • Drywall and Texturing
  • Fencing and Gutters

If you are looking for a Local, Devoted and Trustworthy contractor to provide any of these services we can help. If for some reason its out of our lane we will give you the best referrals to another local honest contractor that specialize in that area.

Together, we will find the best solution for you.

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New Covenant Construction, LLC. BBB Business Review

Who to Trust? You found them! Choosing New Covenant Construction for my roof replacement is the best choice I could have made. Cameron helped make the entire project run smooth and was very responsive to all of my concerns. I would send these guys to roof my grandmother’s house!

Ben Brown - Arlington Texas

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