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Wind And Hail Storm Damage Restoration

If you have lived in Fort Worth or the North Texas area for any length of time, you are well aware of the frequency and severity of storms we experience. Be it wind damage, hail damage, or even house fires caused by lightning, the impact in our communities and on our homes is real. If you have owned your home very long and have not been affected by the damaging wind and hail at some point, consider yourself blessed. However, it’s likely that if you have managed to find yourself on our page here then you have recently experienced some damage to your home.We can help.

As your Fort Worth neighbors, we fully understand how wind, hail, and other extreme weather events can seriously damage your home. As fellow home owners, can empathize with how disheartening it can be when your home suffers storm damage. That is one of the predominant reasons why we came together to build a local, devoted, and trustworthy company on which you can rely.

Sometimes the wind or hail damage may be obvious from ground level and at other times it may require the trained eye of a seasoned professional on the roof. Even when the damage may seem insignificant it could seriously reduce the lifespan of your roof.

At New Covenant Construction, our team consists of the right people who have the right skills and the critical insurance industry knowledge to ensure we deliver you unmatched service and a stress-free experience during your storm damage restoration project. We have the answers to your questions and will make sure we provide you with the knowledge you need to feel comfortable and understand the process. If you’re in need of roof hail damage repair, we’d love to help.

If you have suffered storm damage to your home, be it wind or hail, we are here to help get you through what can at times be a burdensome process. Let our team serve you.

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New Covenant Construction, LLC. BBB Business Review

Trust worthy contractors. These guys worked hard in every aspect from the labor to working with our insurance company to file the claim.

Lauren O. - Arlington Texas

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