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Residential Roofing Inspections

A comprehensive professional home and roof inspection is one of the most important steps in your homes roof repair, roof replacement as well as general upkeep and maintenance. It should never been undervalued or entrusted to just anyone.


Because we all know intuitively that proper planning and attention to detail have a tremendous impact on the final outcome of any undertaking. Take automotive painting for example. The quality and durability of the final paint job depends on how thorough and detailed the preparations were. 95% of the time and effort is spent sanding, fixing dents and preparing the car to be painted. The act of painting the car is the final step.

Some companies will do anything to try and secure your roof repair or roof replacement project. They often conduct rushed and incomplete roof inspections. They may just hope to find some damage and rush you into a contract. They may not follow manufacture or residential building code requirements, or worse even be aware of them. They are likely to agree and accept any scope of work proposed by your insurance company, regardless if it thoroughly covers all the damage to your property. In turn this will naturally force them to reduce cost and cut corners elsewhere because the insurance company is  not paying for all the roofing components as they should. Often times these contractors are more worried about securing the next paycheck that they do not invest the time or attention into your project as we believe they should.

Not Us

Our team will give your home the attention it deserves. We will conduct a methodical home and roof inspection, making sure to document all damage and take account of all materials required and step needed.

Our Promise To You Is:

If you have suffered storm damage to your home, be it wind or hail, we are here to help get you through what can at times be a burdensome process. Let our team serve you.

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