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Wind And Hail Storm Damage - Insurance Claims

The insurance claim and storm damage restoration process can be complicated, time consuming and stressful to navigate. Without considerable, current industry knowledge on homeowner’s insurance, you may not be fairly and fully compensated for the damage to your home.

In the BEST CASE SCENARIO (less that 5% of the time), your home is inspected by an adjuster who does not miss any damage or materials required to complete your home’s restoration. This would be that rare time when the adjuster is not in a hurry to get to the next house and is actually an expert who is 100% familiar with not only all of the roofing components and the roofing manufacturers instillation requirements, but all of the local, residential building codes as well. Did you know that often the adjusters are part of nation wide traveling teams?

You need an Ally to Help you with your wind or hail damage insurance claim.

In the AVERAGE SCENARIO (90% of the time), during the aftermath of a severe storm the insurance adjusters are rushed from one house to the next trying to assess hundreds of damaged properties. Damage is often overlooked and restoration costs under estimated. Sometimes missed damage and underestimated cost is a result of the insurance adjusters simply being rushed. In other cases, insurance adjusters miss damage because, unlike our team of experts at New Covenant Construction, they are not as familiar with the roofing components, the roofing manufacturer installation requirements and local residential building codes.

This is exactly why you need our team’s knowledge and experience working for you to make your storm damage restoration project stress-free. We utilize the exact same estimation software that 22 out of the top 25 insurance companies use, which was in fact created by the insurance agencies to simplify the estimation process. We use their tools and speak their language. We will ensure that all damage is identified and all restoration is completed to not only the manufacturer standards, but the local residential building code standards as well. We are the experts. That’s what we do.

We are your Ally. Our Experts do the heavy lifting to provide you with an exceptional service and a stress-free experience.

In the WORST CASE SCENARIO (5% of the time), although the adjusters themselves are good people, they are given explicit directions from the insurance company to refuse to pay for certain damages. You don’t have to search Google very hard to find many examples of major class action law suits being brought against very large and well known insurance companies for practicing bad faith insurance tactics. You may have experienced this in the past yourself or know someone who has. Although such questionable business ethics are not the normal experience, we do encounter these bad faith insurance tactics too often.

When this happens it is even more critical that you have a seasoned, expert team of professionals providing you the best resources to secure full and fair compensation. 95% of the time we are able to resolve any challenge’s that may arise. However, in those situations, we cannot. You still need not worry. We work closely with some of the Fort Worth area’s best Independent Public Adjusters and legal teams. If you find yourself dealing with such a difficult situation our close-knit network of insurance experts and professionals are ready to assist.

Before finding yourself in this situation, enlist us as your Ally. We are your Fort Worth roofing company, with a proven record of Trust and Devoted Service.

We are here to help. Call us today. 817-271-6676

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