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Have you checked for roofing damage?

When was your roof last checked for damage?

Here in North Texas we all know that storm damage to your roof is not an “if” but a “when.”

Roofs are often ignored until a problem arises however, it is important to have your roof inspected regularly. Climbing around your roof can be very dangerous and is probably a risk you a should avoid. However if you choose to inspect the roof yourself here are a few tips of things you should look for.

Tips for inspecting your own roof:

  • Walk around the perimeter of your home and take note of any damage. Obvious signs of damage may include dented, torn, curled or missing shingles.
  • Check gutters, roofing accessories and windows. Though your shingles may appear undamaged, dents in gutters and roof vents may point to hidden roof damage. Also be sure to inspect windows for cracks, loose weatherstripping and torn screens.
  • Inspect the area around your home. Check for fallen tree limbs, broken fences and damage to lawn furniture and exterior decorations. Look closely at flat surfaces such as patios and decks for signs of hail damage.
  • Look for leaks and water spots in your attic and ceilings. Even though your roof may appear undamaged from the outside, wind and hail may have caused leaks that can lead to problems later. Check ceilings and light fixtures for signs of water and inspect your attic closely with a flashlight.

Keep in mind that often it takes the eye of a trained professional to identify damage. According to HAAG, even hail damage to your roof that seems minor can reduce the service life of your roof by 15 to 20 years.

When considering the danger of navigating your roof and the need of a trained eye to spot certain damage, it may be in your best interest to consult an expert. The great news is that New Covenant Construction is your Local, Devoted and Trustworthy expert on hand ready to serve you. Our trained experts will do the hard work while you enjoy a stress-free experience.

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