New Covenant Construction LLC -

Who is on your Roof?

At the New Covenant Construction team has always kept the highest standards. We have a proven track record of community trust. This has allowed us to have tremendous organic growth and a steady stream of referrals. We continue to seek avenues of growth and increase our industry presence. Every company has milestones they work toward and look forward to.

Today is one of those days for New Covenant Construction as we are excited to announce our official acceptance as a member of North Texas Roofing Contractors Association. NTRCA is your local Fort Worth organization promoting an honest, responsible roofing industry.

Some of the requirements of NTRCA that sets its members apart from out of town storm chaser and questionable contractors are Members must:


  • Have a local North Texas office
  • Be a registered business with the State of Texas and operating in North
  • Be in good standing with the BBB – Our rating is A+
  • Maintain General Liability Insurance
  • Agree to never engage in fraudulent insurance claim practices
  • Follow all State licensing requirements
  • Uphold NTRCA Code of Ethics
  • Be referred by current NTRCA Members.


Even before our acceptance as  a member of NTRCA we upheld all of these standards and will continue to do so.

We are your Local, Devoted, Trustworthy Roofing Company.

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